ACE/Security Laminates Inc. manufactures a micro-thin transparent window laminate which revolutionizes regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles, and extreme weather conditions. Founded in 1991, ACE (Advanced Coatings Engineering) is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide and continues to expand globally. ACE/Security Laminates products are now available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule for use by all US Government agencies.
Universal Developing Inc. has teamed up with CTI Protection & Investigations to be the contractor who installs the laminate.
Protection for:
  • Commercial buildings/offices/stores
  • Police/fire/government assets (buildings & vehicles)
  • Schools
  • Religious facilities
  • Residential homes/vacation homes
  • Vehicles/motor homes
Protection against:
  • Burglary/breaking & entering
  • Home invasion
  • Natural disasters/earthquakes
  • Blast/shrapnel/fire   
  • Fire arms/ballistics