By the way, we are extremely happy with the finished product (the house really has been transformed!) and we were very satisfied with the overall process. Universal was definitely the right choice for us and operated as true partner in our home renovation project. In particular, Dave Cavan was a truly exceptional foreman. He kept the schedule tight and as efficient as possible while never losing sight of even the smallest detail (I honestly believe he knows more about our house and all of its design details than we do). I would recommend Universal without hesitation to all of our friends and family.
Thanks again,
Brian and Robin Yick

I spent a few minutes with Dave at the Yick/Law residence this morning, tying up a few loose ends for the final inspection. I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with how well this job went. It looks really great and I am, once again, very impressed with the overall craftsmanship that Dave demands of himself and the subs. The little details and the questions that Dave asked me are exactly the things that make a good job turn out to be a really GREAT job. And even when we had to make some aggressive revisions in the field…..Dave just got down to business and got it done. We recently photographed the Shen Residence and walked around clapping our hands with delight. I really appreciate that regardless of the scope of work or the budget of the project….we got EXCELLENT attention from Universal Design. My hat is off to you for the aggressive schedule you were able to maintain at Brian and Robin’s. Honestly…..I thought they’d be lucky to make it back in before Christmas. Thank you….and I’m looking forward to our next project together.
Kelly Johnson

We had Universal Developing create a new set of concrete stairs in our residential apartment complex after a tenant moving out hired a mover who tore up the concrete with a dolly. The job was performed quickly and they also worked directly with the insurance company of the Moving company. It was a very low stress transaction for the Property Owner knowing this job was in UD’s hands. From beginning to end they ensured the safety of our tenants during the stair installation. We highly recommend them!
F & M Properties